Antler - Day 1

Wed Mar 27, 2024


So I'm starting at Antler. As far as I can tell, this is a massive networking event for potential cofounders.

Welcome Deck

The Goal

The Team

How You Got Here

"Why are YOU here"

Differences between VC backing and bootstrapping


But no, What Are You Really Looking For?

Parting Words

"A comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there".

"We all have powerful ideas. But an idea is powerless unless it comes outside of you" - Nancy Diarte

"Own Your Experience" - EO Maxim

(Yeah, there it is)

Local Team Intros

Welcome to 111

111 Team

General Rules

  1. Only use meeting rooms designated for Antler. The Antler cube, the two corner cubes in the cohort corner and the Antler Zone (431, 433, 435).
  2. Respect others' workspace. Slightly-less-restrictive-than-library rules; minimize noise pollution
  3. Keep your workspace clean
  4. No unauthorized guests (give your Antler guys a heads up if you want to bring in visitors who don't themselves have Antler access)
  5. Shared Resources; mindful of others' needs when using shared resources. We try to minimize noise pollution, but that includes asking you guys not to have loud conversations outside the designated booths.
  6. Security: do not give or share your Kisi pass to anyone
  7. Respect privacy: Respect others' privacy and confidentiality in shared areas
  8. Building hours: need special permissions to get in before 6:00 AM or after 7:00 PM. Talk to someone if you want 'em.

Building Amenities


Final Notes

Tour, social time and lunch. Impressions of the tour are about what you'd expect from this sort of thing. Large, open concept spaces and some designated space for their big clients. Decent break rooms, but unlike WeWork, they're not big on the non-dairy. I'll have to either bring my own or sneak over there during lunch to get my oat milk hot chocolate on.

Random Impression Notes

Backgrounds vary from "this is my second thing after doing one job out of college" to "I've had multiple exists and am looking to do interesting things with my time"

Founder Intros

Dan Perry


Mustafa Saeed

Tony Lau

Justin Yap

Gwen Lim

Steven Gans

Brendan McGivern

Elie Alam

Lylia Djat-Paulien

Tim Thornton

Mythri Murthy

Shad Uadiale

Christopher Villegas-Cho

Karan Deep

Me (surprise!)

Pratheek Adi

Nazanin (Naz) Behroozian

Petro Czupiel (Chupio)

AAAAand my battery is about to die, so I'm gonna cut notes out now :|

We're back at 35% battery charge. Wish me luck.

Keynote by Kirk Simpson


Then There Was The Pub

We went down to the local pub to drink, chat more in a highly raucous manner while talking about businesses and/or non-business pursuits. I didn't take notes on that part, but rest assured it was fun and high-intensity.

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