Toronto FBP Group -- Inaugural Meeting Videos

Wed Nov 13, 2013

I've managed to upload the first two videos from the first Toronto FBP Group Meeting to Vimeo.

First, here's Paul Tarvydas giving a brief introduction to FBP. If you're a programmer that's never really heard of Flow Based Programming before, it's a pretty good start.

Second, here's J. Paul Morrison talking about the history of FBP. He's the guy who first discovered the idea, and formalized it while he was working at IBM in the early 1970s, and he talks a bit about what led to the insight. Near the end, he also demos a visual editor he's currently working on.

Sadly, because of the Vimeo basic account limitations, the JP Morrison video has a pretty crappy resolution, and my quick demo talk about a noflo webserver won't be uploaded until next week.

If you really just want the audio and slides, you can get the relevant files right here. You can probably get about 60% of the gist from the audio, but all three of us used some relevant visuals in our presentations. In the case of Paul T. and Paul M., a powerpoint presentation, and in my case some noflo code. I'll try to put up .torrent links for the HD versions of the videos when I figure out the logistics, and the third video will go up next Tuesday.

There were no videos from the second meetup|1|, and there won't be any from today|2|. We're basically trying to figure out how to pay for them; one idea I'm looking into is getting a monthly kickstarter going to let the market decide if there's enough interest to produce videos for a given month. I'm not sure how much advance notice we'll need, or how far we can actually plan out talks, but I'll keep you posted.

Torrents are now up along with the audio and presentation materials. If you do end up downloading these, please seed as long as you can.
Thu, 14 Nov, 2013


1 - |back| - We basically had a giant whiteboarding session.

2 - |back| - We've got Paul T. talking about visual compilation, and Jo'sh talking about the Drakon editor.

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