TASM Notes 009

Mon Feb 26, 2024

So I'm gonna level with you. I've had a bunch of extra stuff to do lately and haven't been keeping up with my blog writing. Instead of working this into a full blog post, or getting ChatGPT to try to do it for me (something I still haven't satisfactorily mentioned), I'm just going to drop mildly edited notes directly into the published blog. Sorry, and also somehow not sorry? I admit that this is probably worse than taking the time to go through and write full prose, but probably not worse than never publishing it. If you have strong feelings about it one way or the other, let me know. If this is good enough, I'm probably going to just keep doing this going forward.

This is the second notes piece getting this treatment.

Pre-Talk chatting

The Zvi Update

Today's Talk - Lawsuits

The Coffin Suit

Timeline of Generative AI Lawsuits

Source (honestly, go read that unless you like my clipped commentary for some reason)

Extra Context

Pub time. This time we talked about candied ginger, the implementation of FALGSC in real life, and potential economic futures of current nation states. As usual, only the most tantalizing details, but join us next time if this interests you.

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